Third Sunday of Advent Cycle C

Our readings for this Sunday, the Third Sunday of Advent are here. (

These are my notes and interpretations of Fr Dennis’ homily from the 8:30AM on December 13, 2015.


  • Gaudete Sunday is a brief relaxation during Advent.  All of Advent is waiting in hope, but Gaudete Sunday emphasizes the hope.
  • In the gospel, John the Baptist “preached good news to the people.”  It sure didn’t sound like it – fly right or else, and he’s gonna baptize you with fire! Recall that people experienced John the Baptist physically pouring water over them for baptism … and he’s saying Jesus is going to use <gulp> fire?!?  This is good news?!?
  • So what are supposed to do?  Live good lives.  Live our lives well, do so with reflection, and do so for God because we’re God’s.
  • Note that John the Baptist was wrong.  He foresaw that someone “mightier” than him was coming (correct) and would be more fiery than he was (incorrect).  Jesus is generally depicted as mild.  John the Baptist was right in general, but not in the details.
  • The poem ends with “And keep walking.”  This walking (and the rest of their walking) is an effort to make sense of the stuff they do every day. 
  • The change is internal because the journey, the walking toward God, is an interior experience and change.
  • And we come to our “Holy Restaurant” for stories and this wayfarer’s bread. Now, we keep walking in our Mass together to the Liturgy of the Body.  Not that it changes everything, … but it does.

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