Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C

Our readings for Sunday are here

These are the poems, my notes, and interpretations of Fr Dennis’ homilies from the

  • July 4, 2016 8:30 Mass
  • July 7, 2013


The poems Fr Dennis references in these years are:

In 2016, we reflected on —

  • In the first reading,
    • Rejoice!  Rejoice! The first reading and the gospel are of joy.
    • They are nice readings to have during summer with its green and verdancy, vivid reminders to rejoice because our names are written in heaven
  • In the Gospel of Luke, the author is the only one to mention the 72 disciples.  This number doesn’t come up often, and we don’t know who they are.  It’s possible they represent a literary parallel to Moses’ 72, to create the sense of Jesus as the new Moses, to assure the Jews that Jesus is in the line of prophets.  See 2013 note on same topic, below.
  • In the poem, Margrave captures how to live love, a Christian love that always falls short, is always active, and always growing.  How love is lived rather than romanticized.
  • A brief Fr Eric Sundrup, SJ cameo — a reminder that the circumcision / no circumcision was a hot topic in its day, and the “no circumcision” point of view would have been received like bashing the United States on the Fourth of July, but the point of the readings is don’t settle, keep reaching for the glory of the cross —
  • maybe in the stumblings Margrave captures, but keep reaching for the crazy love of Christ with and to each other.  Anything less?  We’re settling.
  • This poem was shared shortly after I had finally submitted my application for Pastoral Studies at Loyola Chicago — and that’s what it felt like.  How could I ever explain to myself, let alone to admissions, why I wanted to continue.  Words never describe how God touches, creates, and recreates our lives.  But we can try, and live in the gratitude of the experience of being Beloved and trying to Love.

In 2013, we reflected on —

  • In last week’s reading, Jesus seemingly set the bar pretty high — leave everything and everyone, etc… but even so …
  • This week, with that standard 70 disciples went out!  (It’s unclear in the original text whether it is 70 or 72 disciples), but in the Hebrew Scriptures Moses receives 70 helpers (Genesis 10), and there were 70 nations in the world at that time
  • Wendell Berry writes so pointedly about the strange search for rest and faith and peace in his poem The Lilies.  D2 offered
    • Isaiah and the Psalms are treasures of the heart, like lilies.
    • Letting the peace of Christ control our hearts in the seeking and not seeking; in the finding and not finding, particularly Isaiah, Psalms, Galatians, and Gospel of Luke.

No special message with the Van Gogh, other than that it is summer. We have much to be grateful for, even amidst all the work of the Kin-dom before us. 🙂

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