First Sunday of Advent, Cycle A

Our readings for Sunday are here

These are the poem, my notes, and interpretations of Fr Dennis’ homily from the Masses of

  • November 27, 2016
  • November 29, 2013 Noon

The poems Fr Dennis references this year are:

In 2016, we reflected that —

  • We receive apocalyptic phrasing (“swords into plowshares”) in Isaiah but they are nonetheless uplifting readings.
  • Gospel?  Stay awake! But what does that mean?
  • Advent is a time of rethinking / start over / retelling a story in our religious and personal and spiritual lives … and in retelling these stories we remember who we are and how God is in our life.
  • That kind of staying awake — a contemplative awake, an aware in gratitude awake (not fearful) — the kind we want more of!
  • Remember that Eucharist = thanksgiving, so we practice to turn more quickly to gratitude.
  • Poetry gets underneath where we are in our lives or their meaning.
  • Joyce Sutphen’s Country Roads
    • “as if we were waiting” evokes Advent
    • “for the waters to open” reminds us of the Red Sea or a river parting
    • “cross over Jordan” reference is the cross over to death in the psalms, the Hebrew scripture.
  • Other new life is the waiting to be seen or crossed over to.
  • This idea of “waiting for more” is waiting for the more who is once again the infant Jesus.

In 2013, we reflected that —

  • Each new birth is a sign of joy, of hope of a soul being given some purpose before God.
  • Advent is the waiting, the collapse of Mary’s pregnancy into 1 month.
  • Advent is the getting into the earthiness, the realness of God-with-us, of God being with us: The Incarnation is on His Way.  🙂
  • James Silas Rogers’ Rutabagas evokes this sense of Advent.  Each earthy taste of the dirt; the realness that won’t go away, like The Gift, the child Jesus Christ.

Our image is from our own Celeste Novak!

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