First Sunday of Advent Cycle C

Welcome to our Into the Light Reflection site for Advent!  As we each prepare ourselves for the season of Lent, let us remember the reflection of David Steindl Rast, OSB: It’s not joy that makes us grateful, it’s gratitude that makes us joyful. Our readings for this Sunday, the First Sunday of Advent are here.Continue reading “First Sunday of Advent Cycle C”

You know you’re in Montana when …

… it looks like a straight shot on the map from Gardiner to Great Falls via US 89 … and .. you misread those contours and misread the actual vertical experience of the trip!  Travel from Gardiner to Livingston was as much a delight on the way out, as the way in — elk, osprey,Continue reading “You know you’re in Montana when …”

Slough Creek / Junction Butte Pack

We arrive near Junction Butte at the pullout with restroom … the Junction Butte pack’s den is on a slope north of the road facing south (steep hill, former coyote den, squared by four sets of evergreens) and a kill on the south side of the road where we saw two blacks and maybe oneContinue reading “Slough Creek / Junction Butte Pack”