The Surest Sign

Where Foxes Play

After a six week hiatus, I saw one of “our” foxes Monday night! The day had been a joy anyway, as the hummingbirds were busy at the feeder. There are at least two, as two had their territory war briefly. Good grief! There are two big bowls of sugar water that they never finish! Sharesies,Continue reading “Where Foxes Play”

White Wolf!

I am craning my neck to catch every angle as the time in Wonderland is coming to a close. Time feels precious, even though I’ll be in Montana again and Bob has extended a generous invitation. Then a white wolf (not the same but an example) crests near the top of the ridge near/past Blacktail,Continue reading “White Wolf!”

An Exhausted Mom

Back to Slough Creek from the moose and osprey … nada from the restroom/dumpster area either out to the carcass or out to the den.  But then we walk up to pre-Bob’s Nob, a gravelly uneven but roaded hike for “only” one-quarter mile or so.  Bob carries his 50 lbs of camera equipment & tripod,Continue reading “An Exhausted Mom”

Moose and Birds

So we drive on down the Northeast Entrance Road further into the Lamar Valley, as someone (John) says they’ve seen Moose past Conjunction Flow, I think along Soda Butte Creek.  We see four, though the others say there are 8 moose out there.  Get them in the field glasses … and immediately think of RukContinue reading “Moose and Birds”

The Wolf Clan

Friday, April 23, 2021 At breakfast, I talk with Scott a bit more.  His wife, the healthiest eater he knows, makes some awesome protein bars, which we all devour.  Scott leaves by 5:45AM … Bob and I are out the door around 6:15AM. Snow!  Cloud fog …  Really grateful Bob is driving.  He drives theseContinue reading “The Wolf Clan”

Phantom Lake

Further down the northern road on the April 22 evening visit, lotsa bison and people on either side!  People parked and waited for a two year old bear in either Phantom Lake or the next one (the next one, I think) to come out.  It had been denning under the road somehow … can’t rememberContinue reading “Phantom Lake”


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