Math to Mountains, Functions to Film

So I managed to get in part of a zoom meeting in Wonderland Cafe and Restaurant.  Then I went out and took a photo of the Yellowstone National Park sign and Roosevelt Arch while it was daylight. Good to see Bob … after almost 40 years.  Been a long time since either of us derivedContinue reading “Math to Mountains, Functions to Film”

‘Cuz I Didn’t Mean All the Misery I Caused

In today’s Gospel reading (Luke 16:19-31), Jesus shares a parable featuring an unnamed rich man and Lazarus (not the raised from the dead Lazarus), a man so poor “[d]ogs even used to come and lick his sores” (NASB, USCCB Internet on 4 March 2021). Suffice it to say, the unnamed rich man in the parableContinue reading “‘Cuz I Didn’t Mean All the Misery I Caused”

Hugs Across the Pond

Random memories of outings and teas with my Irish cousins (our great-grandfathers were brothers) (yes, I know) bloom to consciousness in this long year of reduced social engagement. I’m so grateful for the times we have shared in Ireland and some wonderful times in Ann Arbor. From Aunt Dorothy’s first stories and shared letters toContinue reading “Hugs Across the Pond”