Slough Creek / Junction Butte Pack

We arrive near Junction Butte at the pullout with restroom … the Junction Butte pack’s den is on a slope north of the road facing south (steep hill, former coyote den, squared by four sets of evergreens) and a kill on the south side of the road where we saw two blacks and maybe oneContinue reading “Slough Creek / Junction Butte Pack”

First Visit: Black Wolf Running

After an early dinner on April 22, we started from Gardiner/Roosevelt Arch then on to Mammoth Hot Springs and then along the northern route, which is comprised of the Grand Loop Road until Tower Junction and the Northeast Entrance Road further east. We saw lotsa elk and bison (one calf), a few bighorn sheep, andContinue reading “First Visit: Black Wolf Running”

Math to Mountains, Functions to Film

So I managed to get in part of a zoom meeting in Wonderland Cafe and Restaurant.  Then I went out and took a photo of the Yellowstone National Park sign and Roosevelt Arch while it was daylight. Good to see Bob … after almost 40 years.  Been a long time since either of us derivedContinue reading “Math to Mountains, Functions to Film”