Moose and Birds

So we drive on down the Northeast Entrance Road further into the Lamar Valley, as someone (John) says they’ve seen Moose past Conjunction Flow, I think along Soda Butte Creek.  We see four, though the others say there are 8 moose out there.  Get them in the field glasses … and immediately think of Ruk & Tuk  from BROTHER BEAR.  Ach.  I’ve reduced Wonderland to Disneyland.

On the way back redeyed grebe in a tiny roadside pool and goldeneyed and/or mergansers in the river below.  The redeyed grebes dive for food, but when we pull up in the car they almost simultaneously submerge.  They are so tiny, it seems – but they’re not.  Love their post-submerge head shake of the very cute crest of feathers on their heads.

Then an osprey nest – I think still on the Soda Butte Creek portion because the creek’s canyon is very steep on both sides … road goes to the steep north bank of the creek and then south bank of the creek back up a steep incline.  On the south incline is a dying tree, trunk still with some growth but a blown out crown on which the osprey are nesting.  We see both male and female osprey leave the nest for sticks to keep building.  Bob thinks they kinda look like they’re presenting to each other for mating.

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