Where Foxes Play

After a six week hiatus, I saw one of “our” foxes Monday night!

The day had been a joy anyway, as the hummingbirds were busy at the feeder. There are at least two, as two had their territory war briefly. Good grief! There are two big bowls of sugar water that they never finish! Sharesies, hummies, sharesies!!

At perhaps 15 minutes away from full dark, I reflexively looked at the birdfeeder. Sometimes a beautiful cardinal is cheep-chomping on the seed. This time, nobody. But at the base, burnished copper catches my eye. One of the foxes is cleaning up the peanuts and seed. Sleek, red, black-stockinged, and just-so white-tipped tail. Gorgeous.

I stare and ooh and ahh to myself. I even manage one picture … but through the window with the screen, and then forget to save the second picture through the clear window because I am so excited.

A street noise startles the fox, and it dance glides across the tips of the grass blades, like a floating pennant. Everyone should get to see a red fox blow away across emerald green grass-sky. 🙂

Quite a gift on August 23, 2021.

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