Fungi and Fox

A lovely day and evening greeted us all in Ann Arbor. There are fewer but still hungry skeeters.

I enjoyed a quiet dinner overlooking the quiet ravine. The chippies make so much noise for being so tiny!

One meandering gaze takes in the ferociously large fungi on the wi-fi tree. a foot or more in diameter.

After an hour and a full stomach, I give up on the undercurrent of hope of seeing a fox. It’s too early and too light for them to be visible in observable areas.

I turn the corner and burnish copper with black stockings is in motion, from the northwest corner of Jan’s garden to the southwest corner then on to the ravine, confirmed by silent swift fox trot and the white-tipped tail.

Joy burned all the brighter and fuller for hope having just been set aside to residue embers for the evening, a full three seconds of unfettered joy with the fox in motion.

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